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Namasté! Welcome to my humble abode. My name is Armando de Mello Meziat Filho, a moody, right-wing Brazilian programmer who hails from Rio de Janeiro and loves IT, Python, Pyramid, Heroku Apple, Drupal, Ubuntu, webdesign, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokémon and CJK-music. You may contact me at my cell phone (+55 21 9762 8586) if you want to — I’m fluent in both English and Portuguese (lingua mater), and know a little Japanese, French, Spanish and German. I’m also — and mostly — at Twitter, even though I tweet in Portuguese 99.6% of the time. Find me on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

As for my professional experience, I formerly worked in 2011 for Conecte Estúdio Design, a consultancy company focused on the web. Unless otherwise noted, I wrote HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP/Python/whatever and did SEO for other websites. Projects I took part of include:

As for my personal projects:

Here’s my curriculum vitae (in Portuguese) for you to toy with. To be obsoleted — give preference to either my LinkedIn profile or (if you happen to use the site) my Catho curriculum.

Last, but not least: did you like me? Wanna talk to me? The e-mail’s username is armando, though I advise you to contact me at armando-ti if you need to talk anything professional — it helps me sort incoming e-mails, you know. Otherwise, armando is just fine. Oh, the host? The part to the right of the at-sign, right? You’re standing on it, silly! If you’re no spambot, you should have got it by now...

...What? You say you’re not looking especifically for me and are wondering where to go? Oh, well, let’s see... Could you possibly be looking for:

None of these? Well, I can only tell you to turn to Google. Or Bing. Or whatever your favourite search engine is.